Marshal Information

A few notes to all Three Peaks Race marshals regarding duties on race day.

Information packs for each marshal will be posted during the week before the race.

The information packs contain a general information sheet, marshalling details (times, locations, instructions, duties, etc.), programme, parking and meal tickets.

All marshals should report to the Marshals Rendezvous marquee near the start to sign on (so that we know you have arrived, give you any final instructions, issue hi-vis and any other equipment you may need). Please bear in mind the weather could be very cold so please bring plenty of bad weather clothing!!

Once you receive your pack (or if it doesn't arrive) and you need any information, please contact Martin Bullock (07912 323852) or David Weatherhead (07527 696996).

There are always jobs to be done around the finish so if anyone feels like helping out on the finish field once their duties are completed then please see Martin or David on the day.

Finally, thank you again for taking time to help at the event your help is appreciated

Marshal Information

The Three Peaks Race is made possible by many individuals providing their time on a voluntary basis to make the event safe and enjoyable for all involved. The many marshals who make themselves available on race day are integral to the success of the event and the Association would like to thank them all. For the benefit of marshals the following general information should be noted as reminders of the procedures and duties. These fall in to three categories, the duties may be slightly different for each category:

  • Main Checkpoint Marshals

  • Off-Road Marshals

  • Road Section Marshals

All Marshals should be aware of the following which is intended for information and guidance:

  • Initial contact will be made by telephone or email to request or confirm your availability, location and brief duties.

  • An information pack will be sent to each marshal prior to race day, typically including detailed instructions (times, locations, instructions, duties etc.) meal and parking vouchers, etc.

  • On race day report at the appointed time to the Marshals’ Meeting Point and Equipment tent on the playing fields in Horton in Ribblesdale for final briefing, collect a marshal Hi-viz tabard and any other equipment required.

  • Bring plenty of warm and waterproof clothing, food, drink, paper, pen and mobile phone and other personal items as required in a large rucksack if possible, so that any other equipment can also be carried e.g. water, safety equipment, flagging, tape, computers, batteries, etc. depending on your duties.

  • A minibus service will operate from the event field to Ribblehead and Hill Inn checkpoints, marshals may use this transport or their own vehicle (checkpoint marshals will be encouraged to move as a team). The minibus will also be used to ferry retirements from the valley checkpoints to the event field.

  • Please use and retain your Free Car Park Voucher to either the car park on or adjacent to event field., the voucher will be valid at all Three Peaks Race event car parks in Horton, Ribblehead and Chapel le Dale.

  • Use your Marshal's Meal Voucher for a hot meal and drink in the main marquee between 12.30 and 5.30 pm. This voucher cannot be used for any other refreshments.

  • When on duty, generally consider all safety aspects and where necessary make spectators aware of the possible (rapid) changeable weather conditions, rough terrain and the need for warm and waterproof clothing and appropriate footwear. On road sections, encourage spectators to keep well back from the road and be aware of traffic.

  • A sweep runner will inform you when the last competitor has passed your marshalling point, please stay in position until you are confident it is safe to leave. Your duties will be finished, except for those specifically tasked with other duties e.g. deflagging.

  • Be aware of your location on the course and the position of RAYNET communication personnel, main checkpoints and other nearby marshals.

  • In the event of competitors wanting to retire, they can only do so at the main low level checkpoints i.e. High Birkwith, Ribblehead or Hill Inn and they MUST inform the checkpoint leader of their retirement and use the minibus for transportation back to the finish field. Please obtain the name and race number of any competitor expressing a wish to retire from the event.

  • In emergency situations be prepared to remain at your marshalling location for an extended period.

  • In the event of an emergency please contact the emergency services (999) and/or Race Director on mobile (TBA)

  • If anyone is injured or in difficulties, stay with them, shelter them from the weather and make as comfortable as possible. Without delay, inform Race Control or the emergency services using a mobile phone or RAYNET radio system. If necessary ask other competitors or spectators to report the incident to a race official at the nearest checkpoint. Give anyone delivering this message written details of the location, including a grid reference, and casualty details, providing information on the nature of the injury, name of person involved and race number, also your own name and contact details. Please do not discuss any incident, except with the checkpoint leaders, race director, rescue personnel or Police.

Main Checkpoint Marshals will be contacted the week before the event by their Checkpoint Leader to confirm availability, meeting arrangements and will operate as teams reporting to the Checkpoint Leader who will responsible for the checkpoint activities.

Off-Road Marshals duties will typically include; directing competitors, manning gates, stiles, path/track junctions, etc.

Road Section Marshals must wear Hi-viz tabards overprinted with ‘Official’ and be aware of the Risk Assessment (copies available in the briefing marquee). Road Section Marshals should be in contact with other marshals at their specific road sections (radios provided where necessary), monitor the safety of competitors and spectators, check the road traffic warning signs are correctly and prominently displayed (these are the formal warning red triangle signs on fluorescent background) and where required, the vehicle ‘No Parking’ cones are in place. Signs and cones will be in place before the race starts but may need final positioning by the Road Section Marshals. On some road sections a professional traffic management team will be in attendance, please work with and under the guidance of these personnel.

Generally, always wear the issued Hi-viz tabard, observe the Highway and country codes, check flagging, taping, signs are in place and always make safety a priority. Remember parts of the course are on private land for which we are indebted to the local community. You may have a long day in poor weather but we really appreciate your contribution to making the event as safe and enjoyable as possible, not just for the competitors but for yourself and all involved. Take plenty of warm and weatherproof clothing.

Click here for a pdf summary together with notes on hypothermia

For further information or clarification please contact:

Martin Bullock M: 07912 323852 or email:

David Weatherhead M: 07527 696996 or email:

The event website is