Electronic Timing and Control System

The race will be timed using the SPORTident Electronic Punching system; those of you who have done any of Martin Stone’s extravaganzas will be familiar with this system. If you have not, here is an explanation. At registration you will each be given a red electronic card attached to a lanyard. The card will be ready for use and should be placed over your head or attached to your wrist using the lanyard. It is best to use the wrist without your watch on! There will be a demonstration checkpoint at registration so you can familiarize yourself with punching. You dip the tip of the card into the hole in an electronic box at each checkpoint and you will see it flash and hear a beep – this confirms that the location and time have been recorded on your card. You do not need to do anything at the start of the race but at the finish you must dip your card. After you have finished, proceed to the download station near the finish line where we will dip your card and provide you with a printout showing your split times at each control and your total time. Please take care of the cards – each one costs £35.00 and if you break or lose it we will have to charge you. There will be several boxes at all the controls – they will be raised off the ground and are quick and easy to use.


Make sure you have the required safety equipment with you at all times during the race. You MUST carry a compass, map of the full route (minimum 1:50,000 scale), whistle, wind and waterproof jacket with hood and waterproof trousers (full body cover), hat, gloves and emergency food (chocolate bar, gel or similar). These will be checked at the start and may be checked at other points on the course. If you are found without any of the required equipment you will be disqualified. It is also strongly recommended that you carry a space blanket in cold, wet weather.


Competitors should follow the recognised Three Peaks Race route using bridleways and footpaths. On certain sections the route has been agreed to match agricultural, environmental, local community and safety needs. Please follow the markers. These sections are the Pen-y-Ghent summit loop, ascent of Whernside from Winterscales Beck, descent from Whernside via Low Pike to Bruntscar, Ingleborough summit plateau and the private land and gardens approaching the road crossing to the finish field. These special arrangements apply only on race day. At all other times please keep to rights of way on the traditional Three Peaks route from Horton-in-Ribblesdale. These include the ascent and descent of Pen-y-Ghent via the Pennine Way; the revised route over Whitber Hill to pick up the Pennine Way at Jackdaw Hill; turning off the Pennine Way to High Birkwith; continuing past God’s Bridge to Nether Lodge Farm; using the track past Lodge Hall to the B6479; following the road to Ribblehead; passing on the north side of Ribblehead Viaduct to the railway underpass leading to the Winterscales Beck crossing, descending Whernside via Low Pike, Bruntscar and Philpin Lane to the Hill Inn; using the path over Southerscales Pastures, ascending Ingleborough via Humphrey Bottom and Swine Tail to cross the summit plateau before descending via Swine Tail but branching towards Fell Beck Head and Sulber Nick to the finish. Some of the course paths are limestone which can be slippery. Please be wary on these sections.


On road sections you must respect the Highway Code and please be aware of traffic. Take particular care on the road section from the track exit from Lodge Hall (on to the B6479 to Ribblehead (approximately 1.5km) and keep to the right hand side of the road, also the short section at Chapel-le-Dale past the Hill Inn pub. Road crossings will be marshalled. In the event of difficulty with traffic, the marshals may have to stop competitors for a short time to allow traffic to flow – this will be a last resort - please be patient and understanding.


The special arrangements we have made for the use of certain parts of the route apply only on race day. Otherwise, please keep to recognised Rights of Way. Where the route is not marked you will be responsible for navigation, however you MUST always keep to Rights of Way e.g. footpaths and tracks and behave SAFELY and responsibly, respect the highway and country code and local communities, use gates and stiles, do not alarm farm animals and PLEASE TAKE YOUR LITTER HOME. Please report any damage to a marshal or checkpoint leader. NB we are allowed to use the private garden just before crossing the road to the finish due to the kindness of the owners - non–competitors and spectators MUST not venture on to this private property. No dogs to accompany competitors.


You will be required to electronically register at each main checkpoint. Have your dibber ready as you approach the checkpoint and be prepared to also show your race number, it is not acceptable to verbally communicate your number!


The cut off times are High Birkwith 12.15pm, Ribblehead 12.40pm and Hill Inn 2pm (or 1h 45m, 2h 10m and 3h 30m respectively after the start), if you are outside these times you will be instructed to retire. Please respect the marshals’ decision. In the event of a competitor being assessed unsuitable to continue for medical or other reasons, the competitor will be withdrawn from the event.


You can only retire voluntarily at the main low level checkpoints which are High Birkwith, Ribblehead and Hill Inn, and at the finish. In the event of retiring you MUST inform the Checkpoint Leader and wait at the low level checkpoint to be transported back to the finish by the official race minibus – You are strongly advised not to make your own way to the finish. Once at the finish you MUST immediately inform race control of your retirement and hand-in your dibber.


Medical assistance will be available at the start and finish and at certain points around the course.


Competitors’ own drinks will be transported to Ribblehead and Hill Inn checkpoints. Please clearly mark your drink with your race number and place in one of the labelled boxes (before 10am) provided near registration. If possible use a throwaway container (they can get lost)!
Water will also be available at the Ribblehead, Hill Inn and High Birkwith (12km) checkpoints with limited drinks at Sulber Nick (34km).


At the finish you will be given your personal time printout. Only limited full printed results will be available on the day, full results will be available on Saturday evening or Sunday on the Sportident website:(www.sportident.co.uk) or soon after on this website 


Your meal voucher can be used for a hot drink and/or a hot meal in the main marquee. Tear-off and present the relevant half of your voucher for a hot drink and/or food which will be served in the main marquee between 12.30pm and 5.30pm. NB the vouchers are only valid in the main marquee. Persons without a voucher may purchase drinks and food in the main marquee.


Parking in Horton will be available in the fields either side of Station Road just over the bridge by the Crown Inn when approaching from the south and in the main start/finish field on the left just after the railway bridge as you approach Horton on the B6479 from the North. Parking on these sites is £3.00 per car - please try to bring exact change to speed the parking process (unfortunately there are no facilities to allow payment by cheque or credit/debit card)

At Ribblehead we have made special arrangements for FREE spectator parking on the spare land turning left just after passing under the railway bridge going towards Hill Inn from Ribblehead.

At Hill Inn, Chapel-le-Dale there is no spectator parking and there is a parking restriction in place along the B6255 from below Hill Inn most of the way north east to Ribblehead (click here for details). PLEASE DO NOT STOP OR PARK ON THIS ROAD SECTION.

In all locations please park sensibly without obstructing race competitors, pedestrians or other traffic.


Toilets will be available at Ribblehead and Chapel-le-Dale and on the start/finish field in Horton.


PLEASE take any empty wrappers or drink containers with you, do not discard on the route but carry to the next (low level) checkpoint. We are increasingly receiving criticism regarding litter around the course. It is also unfair to ask marshals or spectators to take your litter, so please……..take it with you.


Please ensure that family and friends use the car parks at Horton. Parking tickets are valid all day and all proceeds go to the Playing Fields Committee and help to maintain facilities at the Start/Finish field. Parking in Horton is almost impossible. Car parking elsewhere on the route is restricted. Please do not obstruct the narrow roads and lanes - in particular please do not park with any wheels on the public road between Ribblehead and the Hill Inn. This is causing a serious obstruction which prevents access by emergency vehicles. Offenders will be dealt with by the police. Spectators must keep to recognised footpaths. The use of mountain bikes on footpaths is illegal.

If non-competitors (including those competitors who have been disqualified, timed-out or medically withdrawn) continue to run on the course and even pass through checkpoints it causes confusion which could be dangerous. This puts legitimate competitors at risk and will not be tolerated.

Live Race Tracking

SPORTident will again be providing live timing updates as the race progresses - a link will be provided here on race day.

Prize Giving

We aim to hold the prize giving from 15:00. Please be there if you have won a prize. Trophies are held for one year and must be returned no later than the start of next year's race. Winners of trophies will be asked to sign a receipt.


Click here for full prize and trophy list


Accommodation lists can be obtained from tourist information offices in Settle (Tel 01729 852192) and Horton-in-Ribblesdale (Tel 01729 860333).


Will be displayed near the finish area immediately after the race and will be published on this website as soon as possible after the race.


Contact any race or rescue official or dial 999 ask for POLICE. When they answer ask for MOUNTAIN RESCUE.
Safety takes precedence. If someone needs help – give it.
Breach of the competition rules results in automatic disqualification, which can be for an extended period.