On Race day

  • The race is held under UK Athletics laws, FRA and 3 Peaks competition rules. Any breach of the rules will result in disqualification from the 2020/21/22 races which period may be extended.

  • You MUST carry the following equipment: a compass, map of the full route (minimum 1.50,000 scale) whistle, wind and waterproof jacket with hood and trousers (full body cover), hat, gloves and emergency food (gel, chocolate bar or similar).

  • These will be checked at the start and may be checked at other points on the course. If you are found without any of the required equipment you will be disqualified. It is also strongly recommended that you carry a space blanket in cold, wet weather.

    1. One number will be issued which MUST be worn on your chest front and be clearly visible at all checkpoints or when requested by any marshal. It is not acceptable to verbally communicate your race number.

    2. An electronic recording system will be used (see below for details). As you visit each checkpoint you MUST ensure that your “Dibber”, issued at registration, is inserted into the timing control box. Failure to do this may result in disqualification.

    3. Competitors MUST visit and register at each checkpoint once only in the correct sequence.

    4. Competitors who have not passed High Birkwith in 1hr 45 mins, Ribblehead in 2hrs 10 mins or Chapel-le-Dale in 3hrs 30 mins will be timed out. An authorised doctor may stop any competitor at any time. Competitors who retire MUST advise the nearest checkpoint as soon as possible. If the nearest checkpoint is not the finish retirement MUST be reported again to race control as soon as possible. Competitors who continue to run after disqualification or who do not report retirement correctly endanger other competitors and face an extended period of disqualification from future races.

    5. If you retire you MUST inform the Checkpoint Leader and wait at a low level checkpoint to be transported back to the finish by the official race minibus. You are strongly advised not to make your own way to the finish. Once at the finish you MUST immediately inform race control of your retirement and hand-in your dibber.

    6. Flags or other markers MUST be followed where provided.

    7. Late starters and unauthorised substitutions are not allowed.

    8. Substitution in 2019 will be on-line only and will open when the race entry is full. It must be done between submission of entry and the closing date. There will be no substitutions on race day. Substitutions can be with any other Club runner and are not restricted to the same club, but must meet the entry requirements.

    9. The decisions of the referee are final.

    10. Dogs must not accompany runners and headphones must not be worn.

    11. Walking or running poles are not allowed.

Hypothermia can kill. Make sure you are prepared.

  • Be aware of the symptoms of hypothermia and make sure you are adequately prepared. The weather can be very inclement, particularly on higher fells. Make sure you have appropriate clothing.

Checkpoint map references -

Start/Finish SD805728         Whernside SD738814

Pen-y-Ghent SD838734       Hill Inn SD742776

High Birkwith SD803771     Ingleborough SD741746

Ribblehead SD764791

Competitors should follow the recognised Three Peaks Race route using bridleways and footpaths. On certain sections the route has been agreed to match agricultural, environmental, local community and safety needs. Please follow the markers. These sections are the Pen-y-Ghent summit loop, ascent of Whernside from Winterscales Beck, descent from Whernside via Low Pike to Bruntscar, Ingleborough summit plateau and the private land and gardens approaching the road crossing to the finish field. These special arrangements apply only on race day. At all other times please keep to rights of way on the traditional Three Peaks route from Horton-in-Ribblesdale. These include the ascent and descent of Pen-y-Ghent via the Pennine Way; the revised route over Whitber Hill to pick up the Pennine Way at Jackdaw Hill; turning off the Pennine Way to High Birkwith; continuing past God’s Bridge to Nether Lodge Farm; using the track past Lodge Hall to the B6479; following the road to Ribblehead; passing on the north side of Ribblehead Viaduct to the railway underpass leading to the Winterscales Beck crossing, descending Whernside via Low Pike, Bruntscar and Philpin Lane to the Hill Inn; using the path over Southerscales Pastures, ascending Ingleborough via Humphrey Bottom and Swine Tail to cross the summit plateau before descending via Swine Tail and branching towards Fell Beck Head and Sulber Nick to the finish. Some of the course paths are limestone which can be slippery. Please be wary on these sections.

Follow the country code, be aware of traffic, always use gates and stiles, do not alarm farm animals, keep dogs under control, and PLEASE TAKE YOUR LITTER HOME! Toilets are available on the start field and in the centre of Horton.

Could we also remind you of the race organisers' disclaimer that is on the entry form:-

I understand that this race is held in accordance with both the Rules and Safety Requirements of the FRA.

I confirm that I am aware of the organisers' information and requirements in connection with this race.

I accept the hazards involved in fell running and acknowledge that I am entering and running in this race at my own risk.

Other than the organisers' liability for causing death or personal injury by negligence, I confirm that I understand that the organisers accept no liability to me for any loss or damage of any nature to myself or property arising out of my participation in this race.

I am aware of the dangers of hypothermia and I will not take part if I am unfit or unwell.

I consent to the above data being held on and processed by computer.

I have read the race rules and agree to abide by them.